11 Winter Wedding Dos And Don’ts


Weddings are typically held between June to September because these months mark the end of spring and the start of fall. These seasons are most popular hence everything becomes more expensive. Couples who are planning to tie the knot but want to avoid the rush and expenses of wedding season can always go for a winter wedding.

Planning a winter wedding is a little more complicated seeing as the temperature might not be the best. However, it is not impossible as long as you follow these dos and don’t of winter wedding planning:

1. Do Use Nature For Inspiration

Winter weddings tend to look more rustic and homey. Look around you and make use of what nature has to offer. Things like twigs and bark with a silver or gold accent will make your wedding look like a winter wonderland.

2. Don’t Have An Outdoor Wedding

Think of your guests and yourself. Winter is too cold to have a wedding outside and you don’t want to get anyone sick. Find an indoor venue instead so that everyone stays warm and comfortable.

3. Do Use Sparklers

As long as the venue allows the use of sparklers, do it. Nights will be longer and darker so the use of sparklers during your first dance or your sendoff will create the perfect romantic shot for your wedding pictures.

4. Don’t Stick To A Christmas Theme

Just because it is the winter doesn’t mean your wedding has to be Christmas-themed. You can have any color scheme and theme you want, it is your wedding after all.

5. Do Hire A Caterer Early

Work with a local catering company to create a menu that is season appropriate. This is impossible when you book their services the last minute. Just because this isn’t peak season doesn’t mean the local catering company is free to accept your last-minute booking.

Don’t Take Declines Personally

People will be hesitant to travel during the holidays so you should expect more than a few declines on the invites. A good way to avoid this is to send invitations as early as possible so everyone has enough time to make arrangements if necessary.\

Do Dress Everyone Appropriately

Now is not the time for strapless or backless dresses, this goes for you and the bridesmaids. Keep everyone warm by providing them with dresses that can keep them warm without the need of a blanket.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

Winter weddings are the perfect time to dabble on some DIY crafts. Instead of spending extra on the centerpieces, get creative and make your own. Ask friends and family members to help with preparations and make a fun night out of it!

Do Choose A Classy Wedding Favor

Snowglobes are a no-go, so are decorative snowflakes. Choose wedding favors like chocolate or wine to keep things classy instead.

Don’t Limit Your Choice Of Flowers

The usual bouquet is acceptable, but why not venture out into something more winter-related like a rustic wreath? Work with your florist to add some seasonal touches to your wedding by making wreaths instead of the usual flower arrangements.

Do Enjoy Your Day

No matter how the wedding goes or how many guests decline you should still enjoy your wedding day. Don’t expect everything to go perfectly, but also don’t stress out about every little thing. It is your big day and you should have fun!

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