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According to some estimates by Eurostat, Romania had approximately 9.8 million sheep last year and this led the country to occupy the third place among the EU Member States. In Romania, the mutton and Lamb are types of meat which are not so demanded on the market.

If you’re raised your interest in sheep export, well you should be very careful at trades online. You’ll have to assure that you have all the information you need regarding the environment where the livestock sheep were bred. It’s important to take in consideration the status of health of the animals, the registrations required and the sanitary veterinary certificates you need.

Milk, wool and meat production at live sheep: the Tsurcana Breed

The domestication of the sheep was a significant step for humanity. When shepherds found out the benefits of the live sheep – the products which can obtain from these animals such as milk, wool and meat, they were interested in achieving the best traits so they tried different ways of crossbreeding and breeding to improve their quality.

In the present day, according to the statistics, there are over 200 sheep types of breeds in the world. When you want to buying sheep online you have to pay attention to what do you want. In other words, do you want live sheep for wool, or you’re more interested in milk or the type of meat. Buying a multipurpose breed is the best choice, but you’ll have to be ready to pay a little – or much more, depending on the quality of the bred – than on the categories which the attention of the shepherd is focused on one purpose either is milk, wool or meat.

In Romania, the most common type of breed available for sale is Tsurcana, also known by the name ʺThe Queen of the Mountainsʺ. This type of breed is appreciated because its quality – can provide production of milk, meat and wool which can have different colours – white, brown, black. The fur of this category of breed is thick and can be made of two kinds of fibers which can lead that the longest hairs to have 12-36 cm length. The weight of the rams can reach about 60-80 kg while the ewes can have 40-55 kg.

Need a reliable exporter? Seradria is the best choice

If you’re looking for good trades of Tsurcana Breed or other categories of breed, you could choose a Romanian exporter, for example, Seradria.

Providing sheep and cattle livestock, the company has built a reputation in the field, so many countries from Europe – Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, France, Austria,  and other parts of the world – Syria, Tunisia, Lybia, Israel and Iraq exported. Pay a visit to if you want to export the sheep online.

The farm where the sheep, lambs and cattle (bulls) are raised is situated in Cluj Napoca, near town Rascruci. The capacity of the farm is limited to 150 000 sheep for sale and cattle per year and is built and managed according to the regulations demanded by the European Union.

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