Five Rivers- Unwind yourself with our amazing drinks!


Five Rivers is an authentic Indian kitchen offering its services to customers of all genders, ages and budgets. Our services are enjoyed by businessmen, families, friends and couples. We offer tasty meals throughout the day and night and make every occasion of our customers auspicious. Our experienced chefs prepare food using seasonal vegetables and high quality spices to give our customers an unforgettable experience. We buy fresh vegetables daily from local farmers and prepare food in a clean and hygienic environment. Our impeccable customer service adds to your relaxation and convenience. Five Rivers is a capacious Indian Restaurant in Prague with enough space for events including anniversaries, engagements, receptions, meetings, conferences and parties. Our restaurant has a specially decorated space for private dining generating a lovable atmosphere. Our bar is designed in a manner that promotes fun and frolic along with relaxation.

Five Rivers has a menu that attracts people from all cultures and locations of the world with a huge variety of food items including Appetizers, Drinks, Small plates, Side dishes, Main course and Salads. We can prepare tasty food items as per your own specific requirements for your events in a timely manner and in appropriate quantities to make your event memorable. Our bar services offer a variety of Cocktails, Whiskies, Mocktails, Single Malt, APRITIF, Bourbon, Rum, Gin, Tequilla, Draught Beers, Liqueur, Bottle Beer, Champagne, Rose, Hot Drinks, Non Alcoholic Drinks, Imported White, Imported Red, Cognac & Brandy and Irish. Gray Goose, Russian Standard, Belvedere and Gray Goose are our Vodka items. Irish includes Jameson’s and Tullamore Dew. Single Malt includes Glenfiddich (12 YRS), Glenmorangie (10 YRS), Amrut Indian Malt, Oban, Laphroaig (10YRS), Glenlivet (18YRS). Our Whiskies include Chivas Regal (18 YRS), Chivas Regal (12 YRS), JW Blue Label (Royal Salute) and JW Black Label. Bourbon is Jack Daniel’s (Jim Beam) and Rose is Sancerr rose France. Our Gin offerings include Bombay Sapphire and Beefeater. Tequilla includes Jose Cuervo (Silver) and Jose Cuervo (Gold). Our Draught Beers are Lapheeffe, Staropramn and Stella. Our Liqueurs include Becherovka, Fernet, Absinth, Bailey’s, Grappa, Kahlua, Sambuca, Cointreau, Jagermeister and Standard Mager. We offer various types of Champagne such as Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, Bohemia Sekt, Dom Perignon Brut and Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose. Our Imported Red includes Pinotage Reserve Africans, Pinot Nair Chilean, Shiraz Chilean, Chateauneut De Pape French, Bordeaux Rouge French, Chianti Riserva Itlain, Merlot, Malbac Reserve Argentineans. Our Imported White offerings include Chablis AOC French, Pinot Grigio Itlain, Sauvignon Semillon Australian, Sauvignon Blanc Chilean, Macon Village Franch, Chardonnay Reserve African and Chardonnay Reserva. Bottle Beers are Carona Extra, Stella Artois (Non Alcoholic), Kingfisher and Guinness. Martin V.S., Metaxa, Remy Martin V.S.O.P. and Remy Martin X.O. are our Cognacs & Brandies. Our Non Alcoholic Drinks are refreshing and rejuvenating for our customers. Fanta, Nestea Peach, Coca Cola, Tonic Water, Nestea Lemon, Sprite, Bonaqua, Red Bull, Romerquelle, Iced Tea and Seasonal Fresh Juices are in the list of our Non Alcoholic Drinks. Five Rivers is one of the best Indian Food Restaurants in Prague that has bookings going on continuously all the time. So hurry up and book a table or organize an auspicious event with us by contacting us via phone or online via our portal.

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